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The Docklands History Group is publishing proceedings of its symposia.  So far, that for the 2012 Shipbuilding on the Thames conference and the London and the Whaling Trade conferences are available shortly.  Work on the next two sets of proceedings, those for the Port of London in the First World War and the 2015 shipbuilding on the Thames conferences are currently being edited.  Details of these will be published on the website as soon as they become available.

This conference was the first to be organised by the  the Group, took place in February 2012.  They have been edited by Chris Ellmers.  Please Click Here to take you  the page giving full details of these

The conference on London and the Whaling Trade too place in  2013.  The proceedings for these have been edited by Chris Ellmers.  Please Click Here to take you to the page giving full detaisl of these.

  Proceedings of the Fifth Symposium on   Shipbuilding on the Thames

By Stuart Rankin

The Docklands History Group is very pleased to make available this bookelet on the Surrey Commercial Docks.   To download a free copy of this please  Click Here.

 This is part of  a widely acclaimed and important series of Rotherhithe booklets researched, written and published by Stuart Rankin.  Originally published in the 1990s, these booklets have long been out of print  but Stuart is now making the others, including those on shipbuilding in Rotherhithe, available to purchase on his own website, British Transport Treasures and these should be coming out over the following months.  Please Click Here to go to his website at www.britishtransporttreasures.com/product/shipbuilding-in-rotherhithe-bull-head-dock-to-the-pageants-part-i-to-part-4-ebooks/.   .  


 A Short History of the Surrey Commercial Docks

  Proceedings of the London and the   Whaling Trade Conference