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With its wide range of interests covering the myriad of different activities along the Thames and within the Port of London, the Docklands History Group  is very conscious of how other organisations share many of these.  Here are links to the websites of some of the organisations that we believe may be of interest to you.

The Museum of London Docklands


This museum tells the  story of London’s river, port and people.  The Docklands History Group has been closely connected with this museum for over thirty years, from the inception of the project by the Museum of London to the present day.

The Museum of London


This museum tells the history of London and gives the wider context for the history of the river Thames and the Port of London.

Port of London Authority


The Port of London Authority is responsible for navigational safety along the tidal Thames and promoting the use of the river and safeguarding its environment.  The PLA has always taken a strong interest in the history of the port and much of the collection of the Museum of London Docklands was either donated by or is on loan from it.

The National Maritime Museum


Now part of Royal Museums of Greenwich, the National Maritime Museum holds a large collection of material  relating to the Port of London and River Thames.  

The Company of Watermen and Lightermen of the River Thames


The Company celebrated its 500th anniversary in 2014.  Its key objectives are training and waterborne activities.   It manages an apprenticeship and training scheme for those interested in becoming qualified to work on the River Thames and inland waterways and promotes rowing, barge-driving and other waterborne activities on the Thames.

British Transport Treasures


Stuart Rankin, founder of the Thames Shipbuilding Symposia, has a new website which offers very reasonably priced downloads of now scarce historic publications on shipbuilding, railways and road transport.  There is a special highlighted category, London Thames and Docklands which includes many interesting works relating to the Thames Tunnel, shipbuilding and the commercial docks.   

William Shipley Group for RSA History


Its mission is to raise awareness and appreciation of all aspects of the history of the Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce to all audiences by facilitating the exchange of information in an atmosphere of collegiality and scholarship, to encourage publications, and foster links with relevant institutions.